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Gravitee Case Study

API Management Company Website Design provides a comprehensive API management platform designed for both synchronous and asynchronous APIs. Their solutions include API design, management, access management, observability, and productization, aimed at securing, managing, and monetizing APIs. supports multi-gateway and multi-broker environments, enhancing API governance and enabling advanced security and analytics. They offer tools for creating, deploying, and monitoring APIs, catering to various industries like finance, healthcare, and telecommunications. The platform also integrates AI assistance for improved API management and documentation.

Project Scope:
Discovery,Front-end Development,HubSpot CMS,UI Design,UX Design,Wireframes/Prototypes,
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Background, an API management platform, had recently moved to HubSpot and needed a complete redesign of their website. They sought to improve both its visual appeal and functionality, aiming to create an engaging resources section to host various content. The project involved combining design expertise with HubSpot development capabilities.


The main challenges were to visually and functionally revamp the website in line with’s innovative services and new HubSpot integration. Additionally, developing a comprehensive resources section that could accommodate diverse content types was crucial. The design process required iterative collaboration with to ensure the UI solutions met user needs, followed by the technical implementation of custom modules and templates within the HubSpot CMS.


The approach began with a thorough analysis of the existing site to pinpoint improvement areas. The design team collaborated with to create and refine UI mockups, ensuring they met both aesthetic and functional standards. A dynamic resources section was designed to boost user engagement. The development team then built custom HubSpot modules and templates, ensuring a seamless, responsive user experience across all devices. This strategic process resulted in a significantly improved website, both visually and functionally.


The redesign project culminated in a significantly enhanced website for, featuring an intuitive and visually appealing interface. The new site facilitated better user engagement, especially through the dynamic resources section, which allowed for diverse content types. The custom HubSpot modules and templates ensured seamless functionality and responsiveness across devices. This transformation not only aligned with’s innovative brand identity but also improved user experience and interaction, contributing to the company’s competitive positioning in the API management industry.

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Mike is an incredibly talented designer who has an intuitive grasp of what his clients are looking for. He also reads and listens to client goals, instruction, and feedback really well. It’s rare that he misinterprets a client request. He’s also fast and reasonably priced. A great choice for your next website project.

— Scott Baradell, Founder, IdeaGrove PR Agency

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