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Info-Gel Case Study

Manufacturing Company Website Design

Info-Gel is a manufacturer specializing in gels used in various industries, including telecommunications, oil and gas, energy, construction, and automotive sectors. Their product line includes corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant, heat-resistant, and water-blocking gels, among others. They also provide technical support for R&D, design, testing, and implementation. Info-Gel has been a trusted supplier for over 20 years, expanding from cable manufacturing to other markets while maintaining high quality and personalized service.

Project Scope:
Discovery,Front-end Development,HubSpot CMS,Redesign,UI Design,UX Design,Wireframes/Prototypes,
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Info-Gel, a reputable manufacturer specializing in thixotropic gels, has been a trusted supplier for over two decades. The company serves diverse industries, including telecommunications, oil and gas, energy, construction, and automotive sectors. Despite their industry leadership, Info-Gel’s previous website was outdated and challenging to navigate, which hindered its ability to showcase its extensive product range and services effectively. Recognizing the need for a digital transformation, Info-Gel sought a comprehensive website redesign to better reflect its innovative spirit and extensive offerings.


The primary challenge was to overhaul the website’s aesthetics and functionality. The old site’s dated look and cumbersome navigation did not align with Info-Gel’s cutting-edge products and services. Additionally, the extensive product catalogue, accompanied by detailed data sheets, was not user-friendly, complicating the search process for potential customers. The goal was to create a more intuitive and visually appealing website that would enhance the user experience, making it easier for clients to find and understand the products and services they needed.


To address these challenges, I approached the project with a focus on user-centric design and modern aesthetics. I rebuilt the website on the HubSpot CMS, leveraging HubDB to organize and store product information efficiently. The new design offers a sleek, contemporary look with improved navigation, allowing users to search for products by industry or type. Each product page is designed to provide essential information at a glance, with easy access to downloadable data sheets. This structured, user-friendly approach ensures that customers can quickly find the relevant products and information, enhancing their overall experience and better representing Info-Gel’s extensive capabilities. The result is a robust, modern website that aligns with Info-Gel’s reputation for innovation and excellence.


The redesign of Info-Gel’s website has markedly improved their digital presence. The modern look and intuitive navigation have enhanced user engagement, making it easier for customers to find products by industry or type. Structured product pages now offer essential information at a glance, with downloadable data sheets simplifying the user journey. Using HubDB for organizing product information has ensured efficient management and accessibility of their extensive catalogue. Since the launch, Info-Gel has experienced increased website traffic and user interactions, effectively aligning their digital presence with their industry-leading reputation.

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Mike assisted us in updating our company’s website using HubSpot. He was flexible in accommodating our schedule for remote meetings and not only understood our requirements but also shared his expertise to educate and guide us. He consistently demonstrated his creativity and efficiency in his work. I highly recommend him without hesitation.

— Kiara Pino, Logistics Manager, Info-Gel

Redesign Before & After

A fresh, modern design not only reflects your brand’s commitment to innovation but also enhances user experience, ensuring your site is accessible, engaging, and aligned with the latest user expectations. Keeping up with design trends helps your site perform better in search engines, adapt to new technologies, and meet the ever-changing standards of web functionality.

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