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GetGround Case Study

Real Estate Company Website Design

GetGround is a platform designed to streamline the process of investing in UK buy-to-let properties through the creation and management of tax-efficient limited companies. The platform offers a comprehensive range of services including company formation, property search, financing, and management, all aimed at making property investment more efficient and accessible. Founded in 2018, GetGround aims to make property investment more transparent and straightforward, addressing common investor frustrations with speed and efficiency

Project Scope:
Discovery,Front-end Development,HubSpot CMS,UI Design,UX Design,Wireframes/Prototypes,
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GetGround approached us with a critical project to revamp their marketing website. The existing website was not effectively communicating the platform’s extensive offerings or guiding users efficiently through its services. As a comprehensive platform that facilitates property investment through the creation and management of tax-efficient limited companies, GetGround’s website needed to clearly articulate these complex processes to both seasoned investors and newcomers. The goal was to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website that could enhance user engagement and accurately reflect GetGround’s innovative approach to real estate investment. This project involved detailed planning, collaborative content creation, and a strategic redesign to meet the company’s ambitious goals and diverse user needs.

real estate website home page design


The primary challenge in redesigning GetGround’s marketing website was twofold. First, it needed to effectively communicate the platform’s multifaceted offerings, which include property sourcing, competitive mortgage solutions, and streamlined company creation. The existing website was cluttered and lacked the clarity required to guide users through the intricacies of these services. Second, the messaging and design needed to resonate with a diverse audience, ranging from seasoned investors to newcomers in the property market. This required a nuanced approach to ensure that the site was accessible and informative for all user groups.

real estate website design mockups


To address these challenges, the creative process began with developing a comprehensive sitemap. This sitemap organized content in a way that facilitated intuitive navigation through the platform’s various service offerings. Collaboration with GetGround was crucial in producing updated copy, illustrations, and layouts for major pages. Wireframes were meticulously designed to ensure optimal user flow, leading to a clean and easy-to-navigate UI that catered to the distinct needs of various user groups. Utilizing HubSpot as the CMS provided a robust foundation for backend development, with integrated marketing tools complementing the website’s purpose. The user-friendly interface of HubSpot also allowed the client to manage and update content effortlessly, ensuring the website remained dynamic and reflective of the company’s evolving offerings.

real estate website responsive design mockups


The result was a transformative website that exceeded expectations in conveying the breadth of GetGround’s services. Improved navigation seamlessly guided users through the property sourcing, mortgage solutions, and company creation processes. The clean and intuitive UI design fostered a positive user experience, contributing to increased market awareness and user engagement. Positive feedback from users and stakeholders underscored the success of this collaborative effort. The new website not only elevated GetGround’s online presence but also solidified its position as an innovator in the real estate SaaS landscape. HubSpot’s CMS facilitated efficient backend development and empowered the client to manage and update content effortlessly, ensuring the website remained a comprehensive resource for property investors.

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We have worked with Mike on several projects and have always found Mike to be great to work with. He’s efficient, the quality of work that comes back to us is excellent, his communication is spot on, and nothing is ever too big an ask. We will continue to work with Mike on our projects as our go-to freelancer.

— Jade Poole, Studio Manager, Designdough

Redesign Before & After

A fresh, modern design not only reflects your brand’s commitment to innovation but also enhances user experience, ensuring your site is accessible, engaging, and aligned with the latest user expectations. Keeping up with design trends helps your site perform better in search engines, adapt to new technologies, and meet the ever-changing standards of web functionality.

old home page design
new home page design

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