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Ten2Two Case Study

Recruitment Agency Website Design

Ten2Two is a recruitment agency specializing in part-time, flexible, and hybrid work arrangements. They connect experienced professionals with businesses seeking talent in roles like HR, marketing, finance, and administration. For employers, Ten2Two offers access to a unique pool of flexible professionals and expert guidance in creating part-time roles. For candidates, they provide job listings and resources to help return to work after a career break, including career advice and interview preparation. Ten2Two aims to promote flexible work options that benefit both businesses and professionals​.

Project Scope:
Discovery,Front-end Development,HubSpot CMS,UI Design,UX Design,Wireframes/Prototypes,
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Ten2Two, a UK-based recruitment consultancy specializing in part-time, flexible, and hybrid working arrangements, approached us to redesign their outdated website, which had been in use for over a decade. Their aim was to modernize their digital presence in line with their recent rebranding efforts and to enhance their online engagement with both employers and candidates. With HubSpot already in use as their CRM, the platform was chosen for its seamless integration capabilities.


The primary challenge was to overhaul Ten2Two’s dated website structure, which no longer met the needs of its users or aligned with the company’s refreshed brand identity. The existing site lacked intuitive navigation, modern visuals, and compelling copy, making it difficult for users to understand and engage with the company’s services. The task was to create a user-friendly, visually appealing website that clearly communicated Ten2Two’s offerings and supported their mission of promoting flexible working arrangements.


To tackle these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign project. The process began with a complete revamp of the site structure, organizing content to facilitate easy navigation and accessibility. Collaborating closely with Ten2Two, we developed new branding elements, images, and copy that resonated with their target audience. The new website was built on HubSpot, leveraging its robust features to ensure seamless integration with their existing CRM system. This allowed for efficient backend management and content updates, ensuring the site remained dynamic and reflective of the company’s evolving offerings.


The redesigned and rebuilt website marked a transformative chapter in Ten2Two’s digital journey. The new site, seamlessly integrated with their recent rebranding, significantly elevated their online presence. Users experienced improved navigation and a visually engaging interface, which enhanced their interaction with the platform. The collaborative effort resulted in tangible outcomes, including increased user engagement, higher satisfaction rates from both employers and candidates, and positive feedback from stakeholders. The project’s success demonstrated the power of a well-executed digital transformation in reinforcing Ten2Two’s position as a leader in flexible working solutions.

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Mike delivered a professional and functional website, leading to increased inquiries. He impressed us with responsiveness, efficiency, productiveness, timely delivery, and technical expertise.  Mike also ensured clear communication through email and virtual meetings.

— Deborah O'Sullivan, Director, Ten2Two Ltd.

Redesign Before & After

A fresh, modern design not only reflects your brand’s commitment to innovation but also enhances user experience, ensuring your site is accessible, engaging, and aligned with the latest user expectations. Keeping up with design trends helps your site perform better in search engines, adapt to new technologies, and meet the ever-changing standards of web functionality.

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